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Evan Doorbell Production Tapes
This was my first venture into a basic Asterisk IVR. You can learn more about it here.

Phone Stuffs
Other telephony things that don't really have a home just yet.

Vodavi Starplus Digital 2856 PSU Mod
I added a 48VDC PSU to the PBX to power a coupld of DID trunk cards I'm messing with.

10GbE Network Expansion
Because I wanted to build a storage cluster, 10GbE was a must. [coming soon]

Lucent 16A Announcement System
Snagged this from a friend of mine. This the announcement system that's typically (but not always) paired with the 5ESS. It'd be where intercept such as "your call cannot be completed as dialed..." are sourced.

Rhino R1T1/RCBFX/RXT1 kernel module
I am far from an expert programmer, but with a little sleuthing I was able to patch the Rhino R1T1/RCBFX/RXT1 kernel module source to work with DAHDI 3.x.